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Justcloud Review

just cloud

Review of Just Cloud Online Storage and Backup According to reviewers, Just Cloud is one of the best cloud storage services that users can choose today. As a part of one of the fastest growing spaces in the virtual world, Just Cloud provides the storage space that you need. It’s difficult to find unlimited storage at a cheaper price than ... Read More »

Mypcbackup Review

my pc backup

Review of MyPC Backup If you’re looking for a cloud backup service, look no further than MyPC Backup. The service provides unlimited storage at the low price of just $6.95 per month. Backups are fully automated, making backing up files easier than you have ever imagined. Simply sit back and relax as MyPC Backup automatically backups your files according to ... Read More »

Backup Genie Review

backup genie

Review of Backup Genie You’ve heard by now that it is important to backup your files on a regular basis. You’re browsing for a great service and are becoming overwhelmed. With the myriad of services available to you, which do you choose? Trust us to provide you with reviews that will give you the real deal and help you make ... Read More »

Mozy Review


Review of Mozy When it comes to rapidly growing spaces, the cloud storage market is one of the fastest. The industry has virtually blown up in the past several years. Providers are abundant enough for you to choose the perfect one for your needs. If you are new to cloud storage and backup, you can easily get overwhelmed by the ... Read More »

ZipCloud Review

zip cloud

Review of ZipCloud In the world of cloud storage providers, ZipCloud is one of the new kids on the block. Launching in June of 2011, ZipCloud is easy to use, accessible from anywhere you can get a wireless, 3G or 4G connection, and is light on the wallet. You’ll pay only $6.95 per month for unlimited storage. If you want ... Read More »

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We Review some of the Most Popular Cloud Backup Service

Welcome to, the authority on cloud backup services. We are a dedicated team of techies who do nothing else on a daily basis but scour the net for the best cloud backup services. Our aim is to provide comprehensive reviews so that you make an informed purchasing decision. We welcome you to leverage on our combined experience in this business; we know how to spot a good cloud backup provider such as Juscloud, Mypcbackup, ZipCloud. With hundreds of providers popping up by the day, it isn’t easy to pick out the cherries. But, with our expert reviews you can rest assured that you are making an informed choice.


A Quick Introduction to Online Backups

In case you aren’t quite up to speed on what exactly a cloud backup service offers, let us give you a quick 101. Storing data effectively and efficiently has always been a challenge right from the ancient days. Originally man used to store data on papyrus rolls. We then graduated to canvas, paper and most recently magnetic tapes in the last century. Today, we store data in digital media such as CDs, DVDs, flash drives and hard disks. The problem with current storage media lies in the danger of data loss. Think about it, what would happen if your computer crashed today? Have you performed a data backup and do you do this on a regular basis? Also, imagine you had some important data stored on a flash drive and you lost it while hiking. How would that affect your life? Businesses are in an even more precarious situation because data loss can directly affect the bottom line.


Cloud backup services take care of problems like these. When you subscribe to a cloud service your data is stored in remote data centers. These data centers are managed by dedicated IT professionals and feature state-of-the-art network and physical security to keep your private data protected from prying eyes. The facilities that house these data centers are also air conditioned, water proof and fire proofed. Furthermore, any decent cloud backup service always backs up your data in several data centers simultaneously in case one goes offline. You can upload and download your data via a web interface using a computer or mobile device from anywhere on the planet. All you need is a working Internet connection.


Online backup services take away the headache of having to worry about losing your important files. They also make online collaboration very easy. Ordinarily, when working on a project with someone, you would need to create an email or IM and then attach the document. But with cloud storage, all you need to do is share the document with them via an email address and they will receive a link to access the document online. Changes can be made without having to download the document. This also saves on bandwidth.


The best aspect of online backup services is that they only cost a few dollars monthly. Most cloud backup services such as Just Cloud, MyPCbackup and Zipcloud are priced in the range of $5 to $10 monthly.


More and more people and businesses are discovering the value of cloud storage. Check out our expert reviews (just cloud review - mypcbackup review) to find a product that suits your specific requirements. If you would like to find out more about online cloud backup, read our blog articles for useful information, tips and advice.

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